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What does success in the arts look like? Anabel Roque Rodriguez has been asking women in arts and culture this question for over a year. Anabel shares what insights she has learned throughout her project. We touch on the power of solidarity and community in achieving success, especially for women, and how making choices that center well-being can illuminate professional and personal paths. We are frank about how job loss and institutional authority has affected our careers so far, plus how career healing is important and necessary.

Anabel Roque Rodríguez is an independent curator, art historian and writer currently based close to Zurich in Switzerland. She graduated 2011 with a Master Degree after completing the “art history and visual culture discourses” program within the Elite Network Bavaria. Over the years she has worked for several cultural projects ranging from cultural not-for-profits, start-ups, museums to experimental projects. She has curated exhibitions in Ecuador, Munich, and Edinburgh and works in education formats at art fairs like Art Basel as well as in the institutional museum sector. She believes that museums are not neutral and that they can facilitate empowered discourses. In her current research she is envisioning new approaches to cultural leadership, studying success in the art world and creative work in the gig economy. Her practice is rooted in intersectional feminism. If she is not in the art world, you’ll find her in nature, probably in a long-distance hike. In 2016 she hiked 2200 Km from Geneva to Santiago de Compostela.

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